Friday, October 10, 2014

Melody FM 专访舞团总监马金泉老师与叶忠文老师 An Interview on Melody FM

如果您错过了10月9日在Melody FM播放的专访,我们在这为您送上专访马金泉老师与叶忠文老师关于《万象甲骨》的浓缩版。
If youhave missed the broadcasting of the interview of Mr Antony Meh and Mr Aman Yap on Melody FM on 9 October, please follow the following link for the reloaded interview.

感谢我们的媒体伙伴Melody FM!
Thanks to Melody FM for being our media partner!

点击聆听重播片段Click Me to listen to the interview!

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