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2014.10.11 中国报China Press《水泥地上种艺花 Planting Flower of Art on Cement Floor》

Many thanks to China Press for interviewing our founders, Mr Anthony Meh and Aman Yap and wrote this article: "Planting Flower of Art on Cement Floor".

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16 years ago, Anthony Meh and Amap Yap returned from the United States and decided to build their dance career in Malaysia, a barren land of art.Without any righteous thoughts nor hesitation, there as only one thing in their mind - "Dreaming to nurture the garden of art on this cement floor!"

那一次,在丝绸基金会(Sutra Foundation)位于吉隆坡蒂蒂旺沙花园(Taman Titiwangsa)的办公室兼练舞室里,与著名印度传统舞蹈家拿督南利依布拉欣(Datuk Ramli Ibrahim)进行专访后,对方特别提起了共享空间的两位创办人马金泉与叶忠文。



During an interview with Datuk Ramli Ibrahim in the office and also the dance studio of Sutra Foundation at Taman Titiwangsa, Datuk Ramli specially mentioned about the founders of Dua Space Dance Theatre, Mr Anthony Meh and Mr Aman Yap.

Datuk Ramli gave them a very high appraisal for their dance art. China Press has been anticipating for an opportunity to meet these two prestigious dancers. After several months, we finally have an opportunity to interview these distinguished artists.

During the interview,they shared their experience in the past, challenges they are facing now, and also changes and future prospects for developing dance art in Malaysia.

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